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Event Photography

The modern term 'Event Photography' has come to mean taking and printing photographs onsite at an event.

We have spent time and money setting up one of the best systems in the country for event coverage. We up to date camera equipment with wireless image transfer capabilities, laptops with high end event software with instant green screen and overlay capabilities, high speed dye sub digital printers that can print from 6" x 4" up to 8" x 12" colour prints in seconds and most importantly experienced staff who know what they are doing.

There are several options available. The basic option is to have some descriptive text and a logo for your event printed along the bottom of each image, the most popular option is to have a custom magazine cover styled for your event and the most exciting option is to have a green screen set up where you can have your picture taken against a green background and then be placed into a totally different scene instantly; did you ever want to walk down a beach in a tropical paradise?, Be chased by a savage dinosaur? the only restriction is your imagination.

If you are planning a charity event, we have a special package where we do not charge to be at the event but instead we charge the people we photograph. As an extra bonus we also make a contribution to the charity after the event.

Why not get in touch and ask us what we can do for you, we have packages and prices to suit every event.

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