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"Never work with children or animals", never have truer words been spoken.

Kids were born to do everything we don't want them to do when we don't want them to do it., and that is why every session we do is a little bit different. 

Babyface photographic is not studio based, instead we call out to you. We find that this reduces the stress on parents having to dress their kids up and transport them half way across a city to a studio for their session. Instead we simply call out and set up a small studio in your own home. There are other benefits as well such as your wardrobe is upstairs should you need to change outfits. You have all your baby/toddler toys readily available should we need them. Blackmail treats are in the kitchen and the kettle is right there at the end when you want a cup of tea.

Why not get in touch and book your session today, you will be glad you did.

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